Goodlyfe release Magnetic video: Radio and Weasel ticking right

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On Friday, the dynamic Goodlyfe duo of Moses Radio and Weasel TV released their latest video for the song Magnetic.

Magnetic is an exciting video of high quality. The colour, texture and editing are all good. The video was shot by Razorwire Production, directed by A Macharia. Sheebah, a known musician also features in this latest Goodlyfe product together with other girls.

The video comes at a time when Radio and Weasel are regaining their real music position. Just like I put in an article a few weeks back, these two are the musicians to beat this year-2013. For now, they look to be among the favorites that have started the year at a high and will also end it in style. May be am just excited about their music!

In the last few months, they have released close to ten songs including audios and videos. Can’t Let You Go, Ba Customer, Fantastic, Obudde, Magnetic and Fitting among others are some of the many songs already in the public sphere.  

According to sources close to this music group, a full album has already been recorded and it’s now up to them (Goodlyfe and its management) to agree on the best way of releasing their songs.

They are currently enjoying gross air play both on home based and continental media such as Channel O.

It is no surprise that Radio and Weasel are ticking right this time round. The truth about them is that no matter their character and at times questionable behaviors, the two are multiple talented, with the capacity to top charts.

Last Friday while appearing as sit in hosts on Katogo; a music show that is aired Monday to Friday: 4 to 6PM on Record TV, Moses Radio and Weasel resurrected the battle of words as they unsympathetically hit at their music rivals.

Their fans enjoyed and commended their TV presentation skills while the non fans responded with abuses.

Watch Magnetic video by Radio and Weasel.

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