G Snake Releases an Amazing Popololo Video

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Watch Popololo Video by G Snake

She premiered into this challenging industry with a nice single titled ‘Sorry I Hurt You’ that was produced by Jose Mayanja and Henry Kiwuuwa at Grayce Records.

After the introduction, the singer became so popular for her Snakes story, reptiles that she made friends and works as snakes care taker. Since then G Snake has produced singles like Noonya (Searching), Kamuwaaneko, and her biggest single Kampala Enyuma Kiro.

The songs have made great appearances on the prestigious HiPipo charts and also seen her get nominated to the Diva Awards 2011 for the Rising Diva Category.

Popololo, her latest single is a well written love song in which she assures her lover of her feelings and the much desire she has for this guy. She promises him too much and also confesses that he actually promises as much.

According to the song, Popololo is a sound of her heart beat. The song was done in Luganda and English, with a great track done by Washington.

Popololo video features G Snake, Producer Washington as a driver, Queen Dancers and her Lover. The script is brief; most of the message is done through entertainment. For the thigh lovers, G Snake gives you a portion of the real appearance of her good body.

The video comes with a number of good close-up shots especially those of G Snake sitting and dancing at a few occasions. Apart from the many other video details that I didn’t plan to talk about today, Popololo video is a nice one to watch though the dancers didn’t do their job to perfection, they look lazy!

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