Dangelo Busuulwa releases new single titled Sijja Kubizaayo

Jackson Bakulumpagi

Is Dangelo Busuulwa hitting at Pastor Yiga and Maggie Kayima aka Nabbi Omukazi in his new audio titled Sijja Kubizaayo

Dangelo Busuulwa of the Omwaka Guno fame has released yet another good song titled Sijja Kubizaayo, a song that seems to be directed at Pastor Yiga and Nabbi Omukazi of the Abizaayo repute.

In this song, Dangelo talks about how he got very sick, and suffered so much. During this time, a certain prophet (Nabbi Kalifaani) approached him and told him that his illness was sent from somewhere and thus there was need to ensure that these evils are returned to where they came. May be in doing that, he would get fine. 

But Dangelo notes that although he wants to get better, he also loves God and believes in forgiveness. He preaches that no matter what someone does to you, you need to forgive them and let God lead your way because he is the best fighter, protector and needs no one else’s support.

He concludes by advising people not to look for prophets but to forgive those who do them wrong and let God fight for them.

Whatever Dangelo Busuulwa sings about in this song is not new. Pastor Yiga based in Kawaala is a well known preacher who believes in sending the evil back to the initiators/senders. Through all his teachings, he preaches that what you sow is what you harvest. If you sow love, you harvest love and if you sow hate, you harvest exactly that. Through his pay back teaching, he has got very many followers. But critics and opposers have also come along. Several Pastors condemn him for preaching hate and stopping his flock from forgiving their offenders.

The release of Sijja Kubizaayo has left many gospel lovers and followers wondering whether the Bebe Cool-Bobi Wine lyrical wars have entered the gospel circles.

Listen to Sijja Kubizaayo by Dangelo Busuulwa.

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