Copy Right and Piracy: Artists to meet again this Tuesday

Jackson Bakulumpagi

All artists have been invited to attend their second meeting in less than a week that will be held at National Theatre Kampala on Tuesday 24th July 2012. Top on their agenda are issues of Copy Right and Piracy, and Taxation of musicians.

According to the Uganda national gospel association chairman (UNAGA) Kaye Wisdom, in this meeting much emphasis will be put on uniting artists so that to protect their profession from intruders. 

"Piracy cannot be fought if musicians belonging to different factions such as UNAGA, and Musician's unions among others don't come together under one umbrella. This is the Uganda Performers Rights association which is currently registering all artists from its headquarters at the first floor of Amber house, “Mr Kaye said.

He added that the meeting will put more emphasis on the copyright law which is aimed at protecting the works of all artists in the country so that they stop being famous but in a poor state.

Additionally, Ronald Mayinja of Eagles Production yesterday said that the music industry has grown and thus needs more protection from the state.

“Like how the country has Oil, music is another form of Oil. It has proved to be very profitable. It is the right time that the state starts protecting us. Through this, musicians will be able to reap from their sweat when they are alive and when they die, their families will continue benefiting.”

Unregistered music distributors (CD burners/pirates) have come under fire as many musicians reason that such people are reaping from where they did not sow as they sell music yet the musician does not get a coin from such sales. This came after Uganda Revenue Authority passed a decree for all musicians to start paying taxes on their works.

Musicians look focused on bringing down the people that have made local music popular as they are determined never to put their guns down until CD burners and unregistered distributors are dealt with.

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