City Rock Entertainment out with new a song Titled Driver

Listen to Driver by City Rock Entertainment Boys

Here at, we have watched this group grow for sometime, we think the future is great for the boys and girls group. Just this year, we have seen them release a number of songs that include Noonya, Love and the most famous ‘Nshanana’, but the boys of the group have been missing in action! And I guess this is the challenge they have got from their sister members. 

City Rock entertainment boys have come out with a new single called ‘Driver’. In the past, the boys have done songs like Omwooyo Omuluvu, Kinyirira and many more.  In the new song Driver, you notice a lot of vocal maturity from the boys; the song has a groovy beat. City Rock entertainment boys in the song let one lady know that she’s the driver and energizer of their life.

Driver song was produced by Washington from Nansana based Ark studio.

Driver is a typical Uganda song with a great danceable beat, and if well promoted it will be good for the listeners and party animals in the night spots.  City Rock entertainment is premiering their Driver audio first on ‘The Ultimate Social Entertainment Source’. 

City Rock Entertainment is one of the few surviving music groups in Uganda at the moment and looking at their development they are destined to success.

 You can listen to driver and all City Rock Entertainment music on radio and watch all their music videos right here.


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