Chameleone Badilisha Video is Awesome

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He is probably the most successful East African artist, given his ability to gain appeal throughout the region. From the time he churned Mama Mia, Chameleone has not looked back, releasing hit after hit. My main interest as I craft this article is his Badilisha video!

The awesomeness of this video has nothing to do with P Diddy’s Ciroc Vodka, but the whole package and effort that this “Swahili boy” exhibits in his Badilisha (Change) video!

The camera work in Badilisha is awesome! I’ve watched this video several times and yet fail to find a boring shot. From camera movement to shot selection, whoever was behind the camera had an eye for detail.

The selection of settings/locations for this video creates an ambience that is both classy and cozy! The video thus gained a relaxed and relaxing feel that one can’t get tired of watching it.

Need I even talk about the costuming?! I’m not a fashion and style expert, but one thing is for sure; every single costume that Chameleone used in Badilisha video not only flattered him, but added value to the whole package.

Talking about props and extras, Chameleone was specifically selective. From the Ciroc to the curvaceous car, Chameleone knew exactly what he wanted this video to be-classy! The video is not congested in terms of human traffic, giving the viewer a chance to appreciate the few extras in it.

As I wind up, allow me talk about choreography! Whenever choreography appears in this video, it is not rowdy but rather consistent with the general coziness of the video.

Indeed, Chameleone amebadilisha jinsi ya kutunga music videos! Don’t ask me what that means, because I’m not sure it is even correct Swahili.