Buzz Teeniez Awards; Navio wins three-Keko wins two

Today has been the grand finale of this year’s Buzz Teeniez Awards. music team was at Lugogo Hockey grounds from when it all started till the last performance. Here is how it all unfolded.

Navio was the man of the night as he scooped three awards including best male artist, Teeniez Role Model and Teeniez Hood Rapper. Keko and her manager Shadrack went home all smiling as the female rapper won two awards. These were Teeniez Female artist and Teeniez new artist. List of some of the winners below;

Teeniez Flyest video—Kwekunyakunya remix by Vampino, Juliana, Cindy and Keko

Teeniez best radio personality—Kella McKenzie of Hot 100(won it three times in a row)

Teeniez Funkiest Radio Station—Hot 100

Teeniez Breakout artist—Keko

Teeniez Hottest group—Baboon Forest Entertainment

Teeniez TV personality—DJ Bush Baby of NTV

Teeniez Local TV show—The Beat of NTV

Teeniez Beat Maker—Washington

Teeniez Hip-Hop song—Whistle by Locomotive all stars

Teeniez Top Hood Rapper—Navio

Teeniez Dancehall singer—Coco Finger

Teeniez RnB artist—Aziz Azion

Teeniez Role Model—Navio

Teeniez hottest collabo—Whistle by Locomotive all stars

Teeniez Wickedest DJ—DJ Shiru

Teeniez Hottest Riddim—Angella by Sizzaman Dictionary

Teeniez Male artist—Navio

Teeniez Female artist—Keko

Performances started as early as 2:00pm.  Performers were both upcoming and already established musicians. These included Sheba, Dorothy Bukirwa, Viboyo, Cleopatra, T-Assets, Jackie Chandiru, Naava, Lillian Mbabazi, Micheal Ross, Atlas, YMG, Benon, Tonixs, Jose Chameleone, Papa Cindy, Ak47, Bebe Cool, Tuff B and the entire Gagamel crew, Keko, Baboon Forest Entertainment’s Big Trill, Mun G and GNL Zamba, Navio and finally Vampino who was the last performer.

With this very long list, the audience was killed with choice. All of the performers did their best, pulled different stunts to take the attention of the fans present. However, a few were able to outshine.

GNL Zamba, Mun G and Big Trill had the best performance. The Teeniez are in love with Baboon Forest Entertainment. When they stepped on stage, the fans went wild. Big Trill performed two new songs which the Teeniez seemed to enjoy. When Mun G did Ebintu, the Teeniez screamed. He then did his Speaking in Tongues that saw Lugogo Hockey ground get wild. I personally felt that this was the climax of the show. Unfortunately, I was very wrong. It was just starting. GNL Zamba stepped on stage with his Nyoo Nyoo song that kept the fans on their toes. He then went on to do Wuuba. At this time, Lugogo Hockey ground was on fire. The Teeniez did what GNL asked for. They waved all they had in the air. Some waved hand.., and head gears while others waved shirts, vests and jackets. Wuuba was simply unstoppable. Baboon Forest Entertainment concluded its performance with Sesetula collabo. This was mega as they made fans go roit!

“GNL Zamba is the undisputed King of Hip-Hip. Haters I am very sorry”, an over joyed Teen from Hana mixed school concluded.

At this point, the show was at its best though not over yet. Navio stepped on stage and did his thing. He sang three songs and also had a cool free style.

At about 6:30, Swangz Avenue’s Vampino stepped on stage. With a live band, Vampino was ready to rock. He first did Endongo which fans were not well-versed with. Endongo is one lyrically strong song but needs more publicity. This was followed by Kwekunyakunya original version. The young boys and girls at the show loved this song. He then called upon Keko and they did Kwekunyakunya remix. OoH yes, Kwekunyakunya remix is more popular than the original version if the massive response at this year’s Buzz Teeniez Awards is anything to base on. Seeing that he had captured the attention of the crowd, Vampino did Love to dance original version. He danced and the fans loved his dance. They also loved to dance and thus joined him. It was now time for Love to dance remix. Vampino called Benon on stage and the party resumed. Swangz Avenue group led by Benon and Vampino was so moving. They danced and everyone liked what they did. Their performance was so energetic and captivating. At this point, the Teeniez looked as if they had reached cloud nine. Love to dance remix was the last song of the night. MC Kats announced the end of show at a few minutes past seven.

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