Bella’s Vacuum in Ragga-Dancehall Remains Unfilled

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This may sound utterly obscene and unfair to such artists as Margla, Empress and Prossy Patra among others; who have tried to breathe air into the female wing of Ragga-Dancehall music in Uganda. But let the bitter pill be swallowed and the hard truth be told.

No Ugandan female ragamuffin has received such levels of success, fame and wide acceptance as Bella. Barbara Ndagire a.k.a Bella, who also likes to call herself the queen of the dancehall, had this X-factor about her whole package that made people fall in love with her and her music.

This currently low on form artist, who burst onto the scene with “Faasi”, immediately earned space in the hearts of many a Ugandan music fan. Faasi is a Swahili word which loosely translates into space. In Faasi Bella asked for space, which she massively received in terms of airplay. This song indeed put dance floors on fire.

With such other songs as Kikili, Zigido, Wakooli, Doi Doi, Musawo, Money, Tombowa, and System aguan among so many others, Bella is indeed an artist who knew how (and maybe still knows how) to work her audience into craziness. Whether on stage or in club, she would throw her audience into an ecstatically crazy mode.

This is not to say that Uganda has not got other female ragamuffins, but rather an assertion of the fact that none of them has attained as much acclamation as Bella did in as far as her role in Ugandan Ragga-dancehall is concerned.

Her packaging and style of presentation as well as the X-factor turned Bella into such a unique artist, that other artists doing the same style of music will find her hard to equal and later on beat.


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