Bebe Cool; 2008 Prophecy about Radio and Weasel

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Do you remember the days when beef was very thick between Radio and Weasel on one hand as well as Bebe Cool and Chameleon on the other? Well, this beef was taken to another level in 2008; when at the PAM awards gala night, Bebe Cool ascended the podium and gave this beef a prophetic feel.

Bebe Cool assured Radio and Weasel that they were popular simply because they had sung about his wife Zuena (an opinion I did not and still do not agree with)! Bebe went ahead and assured the dual that him and Chameleon had stood the test of time and dared the two to stay on the scene for as long.

Well, could Bebe Cool’s prophecy be turning into reality? Could it be that Radio and Weasel are steadily fading off the scene? Could it actually be that the two are actually slowly but steadily, stopping to make news on the Ugandan music scene?

I am not trying to insinuate anything here, but as a matter of fact; Radio and Weasel do not raise as much dust as they did a few years a go! They may still be enjoying the fame from their hay days, but their recent form has not been as impressive.

Remember the days when Radio and Weasel’s music dominated the air waves; when their videos had a lion’s share of space on TV! Today, a month can pass by and I have not seen any of their videos on any TV station in the country!

Reminisce the days when Radio and Weasel concerts sold like hot cake! Yet their recent album launch (whose title I’m yet to recall) left many in suspense wondering whether or not it would be a full house at Africana.

Let’s embrace this debate with open minds and objective arguments for both sides. Could it be that Bebe Cool’s 2008 prophecy about Radio and Weasel is coming to fruition? Over to you now; let’s take it on. 

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