Baboon Forest; BigTril in Push Harder Video

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Watch Push Harder video by BigTril 

The word Baboon forest is very obviously synonymous with names like GNL, Mun G and Big Tril to mention but a few; but it is also synonymous with Hip Hop that takes on a light hearted appeal and a feel that is obviously customized to be Ugandan.

Big Tril’s Push Harder is the kind of video that has the lightheartedness of a cheer leading song, yet the seriousness of a club banger. I am talking about a video whose back up cast includes people like Keko, Mun G, Leila, Lyrical G and other familiar faces. 

Technically, Push Harder is not a sophisticated video. Yet in its simple technical state, the videographer explored dynamics that make it an interesting video.

With a back up cast whose costuming is free style, this video gives you the opportunity to explore variety; both in style and a crazy niceness. The backup is not seriously choreographed, but they all knew one thing for sure; how to push their waists hard, back and forth.

The video was also crafted to ensure that Big Tril’s face dominated the screen, yet without undermining the role of his support cast. This was complemented with detailed close ups of waists pushing harder as well interesting free style dancing strokes.

In all, I am in love with this video simply because of its crazy niceness; some form of organized disorganization that would only take place when back in high school we would meet for a crazy get together.

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