Artists kicked out of National Theatre

Jackson Bakulumpagi

Artists were today kicked out of National Theatre were they had gone to meet and discuss copyright, registration and taxation issues.

Surprisingly, Benon Kibuuka; one of the artists leaders got a call early in the morning  from the management of the theatre informing him that the theatre was going to be busy and would not host artists' meeting.

Kaye Wisdom, the Uganda National  Gospel  Association (UNAGA) leader said they were told that the theatre was having very important guests from America who were going to have their rehearsals from there so artists should find an alternative venue.

On top of that, Kaye was told that Benon informed the theatre about the meeting very late.

“I apologized to them but they could not listen to me until when they finally told me that they also have reports from the Anti terrorism unit that we were gathering to put the national theatre on fire,” Kaye said.

This however did not go well with the artists who included big names such as Jose Chameleone and Bobi Wine who wanted to force themselves into the theatre but later came down and agreed to follow fellow artists to another venue.

The artists were later rescued by Kato Lubwama who gave them refugee at his Royal theatre located along Martin road. They were transported in a Costa to Royal theatre.

“We are going to meet and ask the board weather the national theatre is for Ugandan nationals specifically artists or for foreigners,” Kaye added.

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