Akamwako by Bebe Cool retains Top Slop on Week 21 Audio Charts

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For the second week in a row, Bebe Cool’s new song Akamwako has stayed number 1 on the weekly audio charts. Akamwako (Your Mouth) has continued to receive great reception from music lovers across the web. People are listening and sharing it massively. In this song, Bebe Cool sounds more mature again as he puts the biffing aside and sings sense throughout. This has been Bebe Cool’s trade mark for the past few months, a factor that has seen him rank better than most of the other guys in the game.

Pastor Wilson Bugembe’s Biriba Bitya has also kept its place on the weekly audio charts. Just like last week, this week is no different as Biriba Bitya (How will it be) is still second. It is another cautionary song from the Nansana based pastor. He advises people to turn to God and live a religious life as Jesus is the only way to heaven.

In the third spot is a new entrant. Released at the start of last week, Dont Break My Heart remix by Coco Finger and Jackie Chandiru is third this week. After seeing Woman don’t break my heart sell massively, Coco Finger went to studio and did a remix with Jackie Chandiru. So far, the remix looks destined for great things as many music fans say that it has a better feel than the original. Personally, I believe original stays original even when the remix may at times out sale the original version.

Bakoowu by Mathias Walukaga has slid down from third last week to fourth this week. Bakoowu (People are tired) is Walukaga’s latest song where he discusses things that are actually happening in our day to day lives. He highlights how people’s behaviors have changed; no longer care, love or respect each other. Leaders have abandoned the electorate while many professionals are less interested as they get less pay compared to the quality of their service. Bakoowu calls for change in behavior in order to live in peace.

Fifth this week is Bobi Wine’s By Far tune. It is his latest release. From the start to the end, he attacks Bebe Cool and his lifestyle. By Far is a response to Bebe Cool’s Ndiisa Buuti/Film Star song where he attacked Bobi Wine in one of his verses. Bobi Wine fans and Bebe Cool haters love By Far with a passion. Minus the attacks, By Far is a good song with great dancehall beats. It would have been much a bigger hit if only Bobi Wine had not only used it for his verbal wars with Bebe Cool.

The Top Ten Audios Week 21

1. Akamwako by Bebe Cool

2. Biriba Bitya by Pastor Wilson Bugembe

3. Don’t Break my Heart remix by Coco Finger and Jackie Chandiru

4. Bakoowu by Mathias Walukaga

5. By Far by Bobi Wine

6. Phone Busy by Big Eye and Big Chief

7. No Body Move by Bebe Cool

8. Look at Me by Young Zee and Benon Swangz Avenue

9. Kantutunu by Angella Kalule

10. Sidda Mu Kyaalo by Coopy Bly and Fortune Spice

Those are the top ten audios this week as chosen by you. Stay logged on to East Africa’s leading Social Entertainment website for the latest from Uganda’s Entertainment industry.