Henry Tigan; The Guy That Once Had an International Outlook

Medkimbugwe [at] HiPipo.com

I am either ignorant about the current state of Henry Tigan’s music career or he is currently low on form.

But either way, one thing is for sure; Tigan once had both the outlook and the potential to take his trade beyond the borders of our country and continent.

When he did collaborations with acclaimed artists such as Mighty Mystic, BL and Marlon Asher, I got the conviction that this soft spoken man was moving in the right direction. I felt that for once, a Ugandan artist was going to break the jinx and take us places internationally.

Henry Tigan whose real name is Kirumaganyi Henry, started out way back in 2005 in a group called Jamming Crew. His first track with the crew was called Empisazo, a song that he later on re-did with Renah. 

However, the best of Henry Tigan was felt in 2006, when he did Aboogezi. This song won him a warm place in the hearts of many Ugandan music fans. The song received the due airplay it deserved, both on radio and TV.

As if to assert his prowess, Tigan went ahead and did such songs as Emiranga, Miranga, Lwaki Oninza, Wadawa, Yenze and Out of control among so many other viral hits.

Henry Tigan has had a lot of collaborations with many local and international artists which include Love Enzita with Ritah Kigozi, Empisazo featuring Renah, Aneganye with Bobi Wine, Pretty gal featuring Mighty Mystic, Woman of my life featuring Rayvon and World of Scandal with Marlon Asher aka Ganja Planter.

Around the time when he did Aneganye with Bobi Wine, word was rife about him having joined Fire base crew. However, these are allegations that he once refuted and said that he and Bobi Wine were just friends.

Later on, Tigan recorded another song with one of his known music friends Dr Hilderman titled Mr Matama. The song came with its own controversies as it apparently targeted Tigan’s ex manager.

All in all, whether or not Tigan plans to come back to full force form, no one can refute the fact that he gave the Ugandan music industry a pleasant soft reggae feel; a feel that still remains alive in the hearts of Ugandan music fans.

Meanwhile, Henry Tigan has a new song titled Mukama Gwawadde. As usual, Tigan proves his vocal strengths in this song. Look out for this latest tune.