Rated Next – Sing It; another Super Innovation from Vision Group

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I must start by noting that prior to Vision Group’s Rated Next season two, it was not easily conceivable that Uganda had so much untapped singing talent, yet Rated Next has unearthed some of the best voices I’ve ever heard in my entire life.

If it was not for Vision Group’s innovativeness, these voices could have probably stayed in the dungeon of oblivion, unknown to Ugandan music fans.  Right now, most of us can identify with at least one Rated Next contestant; and probably know all the finalists by name.

Currently airing on Urban TV, Rated Next season two is a talent search that has combed all corners of this country for talented singers. These contestants have had the chance to showcase their talents and win the hearts of Ugandan music fans.

Ever since Robert Kabushenga took over the driver’s seat at Vision Group, it has become the most innovative media group in Uganda, both in print and electronic media. With such amazing innovations as Bukedde TV’s Agataliiko Nfuufu and Abanoonya, Rated Next season two is an indicator that Vision group is ready to explore frontiers that no other traditional media powerhouse has explored before.

Skeptics may rush to conclude that it is not the role of a media powerhouse to run a talent search, but if a closer look is taken at the benefits the contestants reap out of this and the dynamics organizing the same; then a media powerhouse like Vision Group has both the moral authority and machinery to run a talent search.

After a long journey of auditions, performances and evictions, the final three in Rated Next have come down to Daniel Kawesa from Arua, Comfort Asingwire from Kampala and Rebecca Nanziri from Kampala. I must say that the final three are a very talented lot, but each of the contestants, no matter what level they managed to reach in the contest, is a winner.

Whereas I find both Daniel and Comfort exceptionally talented, I would put my money on Rebecca Nanziri. I like her vocals, stage presence and personality. I believe she is a whole package and most likely to win the contest. However, this is nothing but my personal opinion and as the saying goes, it is never over until it’s over and this could be anyone’s win to take.

The winner will walk home with 50million shillings, a tab and a recording contract with Fenon. The second and third contestants will get 3million shillings and 2million shillings respectively, with each of the top ten contestants receiving a phone. 

I must therefore credit Vision Group for this super innovation, which brings some of the best previously unknown singers into the comfort of our living rooms. This exposure will give these young stars a lot of mileage in their careers.

Rated Next season two is sponsored by Coca Cola.


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