David Lutalo: Appreciating one of the most consistent Musicians

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I rarely applause people unless they are worth it!

For the past eight years, I have been passionately following Uganda’s music industry. I have seen many people come on the scene and triumph. In the same way, I see many come, triumph and before they consolidate their success, they are already going down.

In fact, many musicians have lost it while I was watching.

A musician recently told me that topping the music charts is as simple as having just one hit song while keeping at the top is as simple as consistently producing hit songs. Between, I don’t know how simple the latter is.

But counting from the number of musicians that have continued to grow and stayed marketable over the years, I get this thinking that both topping the charts and keeping at the top of the charts are achievable. This though depends on a musician’s ability to stick to quality, understand and play the industry politics, gets connections that matter and a few endorsements.

One musician who has continued to surprise his critics and fans alike is David Lutalo. He is one that amidst multiple under ratings and unfair criticism has continued to release music for and loved by the people.

 Lutalo has for the last six years kept growing, getting better each year. His music journey has seen him change from doing Kadongo Kamu, to Afro-beat and other fused music styles.  

When he released his first hit song Kapapala, the country danced to the tune. It was basically because of this song that he became to be known as David Lutalo Kapapala.

Many predicted that he would fail to add on another hit but they were wrong.   

In a move that silenced critics, the brother grew past Kapapala and has since established himself as a solo musician. He for now has five albums on him name, the latest being Ngumba Zange-2012. The others are Kapapaala-2008, Janjabba-2009 Onyonyogera-2010 and Yamba-2011.

His talent is undoubted while his consistence is prolific. The Yamba musician knows his market and what it enjoys most. His humble way of life makes him an even stronger musician. You will never read about him fighting with anyone be it musician or fan.

David Lutalo has had over twenty great songs. These include Kapapala, Embwa Ye Katwe, Yamba, Yesu Ayi Mukama, Batusosola, Ngumba Zange, Lorana and Eki Love Love (Gusitura).

“His music is good catchy and I am sure he is among the best vocalists Uganda got,” a fan posted in reference to Lutalo’s music.

Indeed, he is by all measures a musician who has lived the test of time.

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