BET Treated Best African Act as A by the Way Category

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The 2013 version of the BET Awards stirred in me a cocktail of emotions, ranging from heartbrokenness and shock, to disappointment. I never knew that an event, to which I looked forward with so much anxiety, would end up breaking my heart so immensely.

Nothing in the world can justify the fact that the best African Act Category was announced earlier in the evening at the BET broadcast center, prior to the kickoff of the major event. Someone needs to educate me about whether or not it was the only category treated in that manner.

However, irrespective of whether or not it was the only category accorded such a diminishing status; the whole incident is a sign of disrespect. It is an indicator that some categories (or the African one in particular) are inconsequential and a by the way.

To add insult to injury, no official BET Avenue took the burden of spreading word about the miserably announced Best African Act. I was glued on BET via Facebook, twitter and their official website; yet nothing was said about this category or Ice Prince, between the time it was awarded and the main event.

I can never forgive BET for making me stay awake in the wee hours of the night, hoping to see our African musicians and Uganda’s Radio and Weasel basking in the glory; only to be treated to a scene befitting only to a pauper.

If I had not seen Ice Prince’s twit about his victory just two hours to the main event, I was never going to know that the Best African Act category had been cleared out of the way earlier, to create space for better stuff!

All that disaster aside, Ice Prince bagged the award for the ‘Best African Act’ at the 2013 edition of the BET Awards. He beat out 2face, Toya Delazy (South Africa), Donald (South Africa), R2Bees (Ghana) & Radio and Weasel (Uganda).  

It is high time Africans started to focus on home brewed awards; HiPipo Music Awards, the MTN South Africa Music Awards, Nigeria Music Awards etc. We need to support our own awards and help them grow to better heights, other than look out for that International “glory” that is in actual sense, humiliation.

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