Avon’s Cleopatra Sounds like a Direct Response to GNL’s Ceazar


Medkimbugwe [at] HiPipo.com

I’m not suggesting any beef here, but this appears too obvious for a coincidence. Moments after listening to one of GNL’s new song, Ceazar, I had the opportunity of listening to Avon’s latest song, Cleopatra and believe you me; this song is a direct response to GNL’s Ceazar!

In Ceazar, GNL brags about his superiority in the arena of hip hop. The song kicks off with trumpets and GNL refers to himself as Ceazar [an ancient Italian ruler] who has conquered all in hip hop. He says that in hip hop circles, he is addressed as “Sir”.

Avon Tha Menace [ATM] on the other hand seems to refute GNL’s superiority, with his latest single, Cleopatra. Avon says “…you may call yourself Ceazar, but that is an illusion and I can do better”. Those lines are in Luganda but I’ve loosely put them in English.

Avon goes ahead to say, “…I’m never in class yet you can never be better than me”. That too is in Luganda but I’m putting it in English, remaining as closest to the meaning of the original as possible.

Avon Tha Menace [ATM] is a Ugandan rapper based in Thailand and has done such songs as Noonya Banno, Ndi Muka Nnyo and Missing You. I really do not want to believe that Cleopatra is an invitation of beef with GNL, but this really sounds as such.

When I reached Avon Tha Menace on phone, he denied the allegation that this is a beef song. Avon claims that by the time he released Cleopatra, he was not even aware of GNL’s Ceazar. He vehemently insists that it probably is a coincidence.

I do not want to be judgmental; but whether or not this is a beef song, I’ll it to you to decide.



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