The Revolution Of Ugandan Music 4th Edition With Hope Mukasa Part 2

Hope Mukasa Into Music And His Family
Hope Mukasa’s talent was so evident and that saw him become so popular but then Uganda was at a crumble, lots of wars. So that Prompted HOPE MUKASA to leave the country for Sweden in1983.
 In Sweden Hope Mukasa met his fellow Ugandan friends, famous bassist Sammy Kasule and Philly Bongole Lutaya (RIP) they all had one thing that they loved passionately and that was music. They all got together and formed a band called SAVANNAH, all of them were good instrumentalist, and they toured the Scandinavia countries playing in nite spots and auditoriums, that they made a name for themselves, this even made them more popular back in Uganda and all Ugandan communities in the Diaspora.
Hope mukasa who produced his album MADE IN UGANDA in 1988with a song called If only, one of the few songs by Ugandans in the 80s that had a video and the song became so popular on the Ugandan radio and television back then.
 Then when Hope Mukasa’s close friend Philly Bongole Lutaya became sick, it was a turning point for his life, having known him for so long and seeing him go through that pain till his death, its was one of the hardest times. Hope Mukasa even recorded a song in memory of his great friend.
On the contrally all that experience made Hope Mukasa look at life with in a more positive way. Hope was in his early 30s, he had his fiance Sheena to whom he is married to, and they have 5 beautiful children, ASHA, MARVIN, SABRINA, KEZI and KEZIA.
HOPE MUKASA who had lived and worked in Sweden felt that it was time to get back to Uganda and develop the Ugandan music industry. He had set his own studio in Stockholm and he returned to Uganda in 1988.
 When Uganda artists lacked professional studio equipment. Hope Mukasa came back and set up a well professional studio that he set up in what one can call a complex in his home at the out skirts of Kampala city at a place called Lungujja where he resides till today. Then it was one studio of its kind that saw all artists back then come to see that they get the best quality of the time. By then if you wanted quality sound, you had to take your music to be mastered in Europe or any other place but not Uganda, but after Hope’s BAVA studio that was all history. BAVA that he says comes from BAVAWALA a name of his fathers and a name Hope gave to his son MARVIN.  Next:Part 3   Previous Part 1


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