The Revolution Of Ugandan Music 4th Edition With Hope Mukasa Part 1

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Hope Mukasa, A True Revolutionarist In The Uganda Music Industry
 In our past edition we have talked about some of the individuals who have made a significant contribution to the development of Ugandan music and in the past we have talked about people like The legendary Philly Bongole Lutaya (RIP), Jimmy katumba (RIP) and the legendary Gospel group limit x.
Today we continue to find people that some of you the young generation may have never known but these people truly opened doors for some of the people we see and admire.
In the past Edition some of the people who we never got the opportunity to meet, but for this particular gentleman, had to make all means to see that we got an interview from Hope Mukasa. And I can say this felt legendary, talking to someone you know he has seen it all happen, from the time when we had one or two studios in the whole city to the time where digital programming is the order of the day, from the time when an artist owning a car was a big deal to the present day where we have the likes of Chameleone, Bobi and the rest who own mansions and a fleet of cars in their yards.
This is HOPE MUKASA a legend in the making, Thanks God we can talk good about him when he is still alive, Born in 1958 August 28th (same day like the king of Pop Michael Jackson RIP). Both his parents had the name Mukasa, though his mother was of the mamba clan and father was from the Ngabi Clan of  Buganda kingdom and his mother was daughter of the famous Ham Mukasa of Buganda and most famous in Mukono district.
 HOPE MUKASA attended Aunt Claire kindergarten and he later joined Nakasero primary school from Primary 1 to P 7, by then Nakasero was dominated by foreigners, especially children from the white European society that lived in Uganda, Hope remembers that there were very few pupils who were Africans or blacks and some of the notable names are Ham Mulira (former Ugandan ICT minister),Allan Shonubi (a prominent lawyer today), the children of the famous Ssenteza, all those were among the few Ugandan kids that attended Nakasero primary school then.
After his Primary 7, Hope Mukasa didn’t perform well, he confesses that, his time in Nakasero primary school was all about having fun, parties, so he didn’t mind about school, that prompted his mother to take him to Mengo Primary Sschool, where his mother assigned the head teacher then Mrs. Gladys Wambuzi to cane him, if he messed up, because all Hope’s mum wanted was Hope Mukasa to get the grades to Kings’ college Budo.
This time he became serious with books and made it to Kings’ College  Budo, In Budo his love for music increased and it was so evident, just in his senior one, Hope and his friend Allan Shonubi broke the record to be the first juniors in Senior 1 to join the school band, usually the tradition was the juniors always carried instruments for the seniors in the higher classes, they never played, but these two played in the band, and by the time HOPE MUKASA was in Senior 4, he was the school band leader.
In Budo Hope Mukasa remembers that he met people like Peter Sematimba (LC 3 Chairman in Rubaga division of Kampala City, owner of Super fm& Pastor) though he was some classes below him, Andrew kasirye and many prominent people today. After his Senior 4, Hope left Kings College Budo, and joined Aga khan.
In Aga khan he was even close to the city that made him focus on music more, Hope Mukasa  played with some bands and he was the lead singer with Ugandan legendary singer ELLY WAMALA’s band the mascoats and in 1981 he started up his first band called MIXED TALENT.  Part 2 Hope Mukasa