Ugandan Artist Show Their Worth At BEANIEMAN’s Concert.

Find Out All That Happened At Bennieman's Concert In Uganda

 Most concerts that always host international foreign artists in Uganda, rarely call for many Ugandan artists to share the same stage with their international counterparts, promoters always invite less than 4 artist to perform like open acts for the foreign acts, though this was not the same on the just concluded KING OF DANCEHALL CONCERT dubbed the CHAMUKA KEYS PROMOTIONS GRAND FINALE by crown beverages company that took place on the 5th of Dec 2010. The long waited concert saw almost all the credited talents Uganda has ever got in what you will call urban Ugandan music share the same stage with the acclaimed King of dancehall BEANIEMAN.


The show that attracted a mammoth crowd at the Kyadondo rugby ground in Kampala with long cues at the entrance even included the Ugandan artists themselves, who not only performed but for some came over to make a statement.


The show that started an hour late than the anticipated time 7pm, though no one complained, saw some of the best people in this industry perform, the MCs of the day that included J Kazoora a celebrated TV presenter, Kats one of Kampala’s American waanabe, Mosh, some comedian who kept his jokes about Ugandan musicians started the show rolling, with Number one spinner Dj Shiru spinning the Cds.


Gift a new talent from goodlyfe crew did his biggest track traffic officer, Cindy, AK 47 chameleone’s young brother,Vamposs, Kid fox a.k.a King Steven who proved that he’s a veteran in this dancehall business,Micheal Ross, Peter miles and his right hand man Meshan,some dancers came up in all the break intervals led by Antonio a celebrated cheographer,HB Toxic,Rabadaba the new crown prince in dancehall who even the MC Kazoora kept saying that the brother is going to have a big year in 2010 in the music industry, Navio dressed in designer  black Kanzu and his Klear Kut crew Myth, Unique & Don who put up an exhilarating performance and the response was felt from the screams by the ladies, Moses Radio and Weasel I know you all love their songs, sung Bread n butter and their other songs though they got so much applauded when they did their new chat rising hit Ability That features  Rabadaba, and you could tell their fans feeling them.


Blu 3 who brought their sexy appeal on the stage that left most guys pocketing, though to save the best for last the big 3 had not performed yet but people still wanted more, and the MC told the crowd that BEANIE MAN wanted to see all best Uganda could offer, with introduction of the Ghetto President Bobi Wine brought wild cheers, that saw him come with some of the members of his Fire base crew, Casanova and kabaya, with his monster hit Badman from kamwokya,Carolina and Ayagala mulasi which was a crowd favorite, he even invited his Vice President Buchaman who put up an a very good freestyle performance that called for Bobiwine to remind him it was not their show and its Beanie’s concert, so they need not to kill anyone, his performance showed the Bobiwine is a true stronghold in this music industry, he even took time to tell to whoever listened that his fellow President(meaning M7) says, that its only  stupid dogs that can back at a lion, I guess aiming that to his competitors, but he still honoured BEANIEMAN as the only true doctor and KING OF DANCEHALL MUSIC in the world, and he went on to say he has been a great inspiration to him, ever since he was a little F***** young boy, he too acknowledged Ugandan musicians, after him it was turn for Bebecool to show that he was  master of the stage and  he didn’t disappoint, clad in a very clean white and blue pair of shorts with a matching shirt, he stormed the stage with his Kube hit with his Gangamel crew members backing him, and he meant business when he sung Agenze and Bogolako that drove even the crowd so wild, with his accelerating performance that even made his fans say that he has been the best performer of the day, it was past 11pm and Beanieman had not come yet, but no one complained about the Ugandan acts.


Then it was time for the Doctor himself East African crowner Jose Chameleone, who by that time had got everyone get the rumour that he has recorded a song with Beanieman by the Mcs, since he was given the opportunity amongst all Ugandan artists to be the closest to Beanieman as long as Bennie stayed in Uganda that saw him even move him in his suv escalade car. To be different from the previous performers, he had Beanie’s band play a semi live band for him, clad in a red baseball cap, red shirt and black pants with his huge Leone Island crew backing him, Chameleone started by singing chemeleology then bayuda and his monster track Vumilia that saw the crowd sing along, though he didn’t perform as everyone expected but will excuse him, maybe he had been kept busy by Beanieman as his care taker.


After Chameleone’s show, he took time to honour the King for dancehall who we agree, his friends with now, and Chameleone asked the whole crowd to put their hands up  for the KING OF DANCEHALL Music Beanieman as he came up to do his show.

IF beanieman and his crew and everyone who watched the Ugandan acts for the first time, they will agree with that, it’s only a matter of time that, our acts will be on the world entertainment map lifting the Ugandan and East African flag high all thanks Music.



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