Munene is big size.

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After all the talking had been made, Friday was finally the day when Bebe Cool (Munene Munene) proved his big size description. This all happen at kyadondo rugby grounds were Bebe hosted his Fans for the Agenze launch. The show which costed 10,000 to semi VIPs and a wholly sum 30,000 to the real VIPs started at some few minutes past the hour of 9:00.By 8:30 when our group arrived at Kyadondo, everything was looking so good for Bebe cool and by 9:30, kyadondo was overwhelmed by a big crowd that was esteemed to be approximately 9000(even though according to Bebe cool, the total audience was 15,000).Music started at 7:30 and went on up to 2:15am.

Among the Many Artists who entertained the Bebe cool die hard included Sylvia namugenyi, Peter miles and Mensan, wyre, nameless, Nazizi, King Steven (kid fox) and Spinner Shiru who left the crowd wondering whether he was the crazy DJ Benny Dee who spins for Wicleaf Jean and Akon.The Kenyan group entertained the fans with their cool and sweet music but the most notable one was Wyre the love child who turned into ladies favourite that day.

 Among the many Ugandan artists who proved their true identity and style to the Bebe cool crowd included Peter Miles,Chizzo,Toolman  and King Steven(Kid fox).This show was proudly sponsored By Zain Uganda, mountain dew,dfcu bank,Dmark power, bell lager, capital fm,beat  fm, silk events and  the organizers for the night were Balaam enterprises. The climax of the show reached at 9:30pm when finally the long awaited Big Size Bebe cool stepped on to stage in a cage. Bebe who looked so happy because of the big crowd he had received started off with a killer presentation starting with his Mukomera (in prison) single. In his all orange uniform, he proved his worth. After a number of hits, Bebe cool stepped off stage for a break and later returned to accomplish his mission. During the break other artists and good friends to Bebe were give chance to bless the concert.On his return, he began with his collaborations with the east African basement cool and later teamed up with Peter miles and Meshan.From this, Bebe cool went on to perform his new album songs which Included Agenze and the chemical combined bogola ko(boom back)Among the many songs he sang all together included but not limited to Mukomera,Bamugambe, kuss kuss, Mukwano, fire anthem, combination,kube, Lwakiseyagala, agenze and the fans favourite chemical combined boom back “Bogola ko”.

The weak line of the day was drawn by the Gagamel band which failed to perform up to the required standards. Even though they were smartly dressed in pure white T-shirts bearing Bebe’s photo, truth should be said that this group was ill prepared for the night. Their failure was however not easily noticed asBebe cool compensated their negatives with the extra ordinary fireworks which lighted up the skies.

Bebe cool who sang while his dear wife looked at him in the VIP audience, became kind of emotion when he was presenting songs such as Bamugambe and agenze. Even though Zuena never stepped on to the stage, however it all looked clear that she would possibly return to Bebe the soonest. For more about her, let’s just watch and see what her next move is. After such appealing and perfect presentation, the show came to its conclusion with all fans convinced and satisfied that their money had been used appropriately. All in all the Agenze kyadondo concert was a great success to both Bebe cool and Balaam enterprises.

                                                                                    Story by Kalungi Nicholas.