And the winner is…………………………………..

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With all events having superb beginnings and mouth watering endings, we are privileged to present to you the final verdict of who became who, how, where and when. Sorry to those who are not yet grasping what I am about to say, I mean the dual Bobi Wine versus Bebe cool concerts the turned people’s weekends into heated up debates of who won and how. Really action all started on Friday night when both Bobi Wine and Bebe cool pulled out their best dance styles and vibes to their dear and diehard fans. As far as numbers are concerned, both the Agenze and Carolina main concerts at Kyadondo grounds and Hotel Africana respectively had fans more than what was expected even though the Agenze launch pulled slightly more fans than Bobi wine but putting in mind the huge difference between the entrance fees at both concerts, the slight difference was expected according to our concrete research. As far as numbers are concerned, the Bobi wine versus Bebe cool main concerts pulled out 4:5 ratio wise and respectively. However basing on the entrance fee facts the we all know, the main concerts returns were in an estimated ratio of 9:7(9 for Bobi wine and 7 for Bebe cool).For the other four separate shows that took place at Colline hotel and Ggaba beach for Bobi wine and Luweero and Resort beach for Bebe cool, the stands are as follows.

As far as Bobi Wine is concerned, for the other two shows at Mukono Colline hotel and Ggaba beach, the fans were far from counting. However the most notable one is the Sunday show at Ggaba beach were Bobi wine got maximum entrance for his conclusion. In summary, the three Bobi wine concerts were a mega success.

Talking about Big size Bebe cool’s final shows in Luweero on Saturday and later on Resort beach on Sunday, both events appealed to fans positively and thus Bebe cool just like the later also managed to prove a great point as far as Uganda is top artists are concerned.

With all this seen, critically analyzed and basing on the infinity number of fans that each one received at his concerts, I surely failed to decide who the winner was and I neutrally think that the two tied up. However I think the rest of you out there can use the most true facts I have presented to you to pass your final verdict of who among the two won both the war and the battle.

    Report by Kalungi Nicholas